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I consider myself an end to end cross functional creative. Artistically, I attempt to find visual understanding between logical constructs and abstracted perceptions of known and theorized Universal principles. My hope with my art is that it inspires curiosity about the universe and the science that attempts to understand it.
Throughout my professional career, I have been able to truly immerse myself in all aspects of creative and design ecosystems. Creatively, my pathway has steeped me in the hands-on creation of content, strategizing and building creative/design teams and integrating teams into larger organizational strategies and workflows. Operationally, I’ve acted as a bridge between creative design teams, technology teams and logistical teams. I’ve also spearheaded strategies and implementations for building Design & Marketing Operations SaaS infrastructure solutions for scaled production and efficiencies across global organizations. 

Most recently, my experience has involved building, leading, and managing teams for the global product launches and sustainment of Disney+, Star and Star+ in the areas of Content Operations - Marketing/Creative and Asset Management Operations, and the Product Design, Creative Content Design team.

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